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Congratulations Finley, passed 1st time!! 

3rd July 2023 

Congratulations Tilly, passed 1st time!!

19th May 2023

"Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor than Sue – she's calm, patient and incredibly knowledgeable.

If you want to be both a good and SAFE driver go to Sue. For anyone struggling with anxiety she made overcoming challenging roundabouts and situations feel simple and manageable with clear instructions and practical advice. She tailors lessons to your needs and works with you to find ways to overcome any fears or difficulties while still keeping lesson fun and engaging (key for anyone with ADHD!). More than anything Sue is a kind, compassionate and a pleasure to be in a car with.

Will miss our chats but know you’re in safe hands with Sue!"

Congratulations Stan, passed 1st time!! 

17th April 2023

"Sue is an incredibly kind and patient instructor who makes you feel both safe and comfortable when driving on the roads. She always ensures that you are fully aware of how to tackle different challenges but is still there to provide a helping hand when needed. Every lesson is perfectly planned so that you are always progressing and becoming a more confident driver. I couldn’t recommend Sue enough and firmly believe that she has the ability to get anybody to pass. Thank you so much for your amazing work!!"​.

Congratulations Rhea, passed 1st time!! 

12th April 2023

"Sue is the most amazing instructor I could have asked for. She explained everything thoroughly from the very first lesson and was very patient even if she had to repeat a few times. She was a calm presence throughout and made me feel much more at ease when tackling busy roundabouts or new areas as a learner. I would recommend her to anyone, and I felt very confident going to my test knowing she thought I was ready. Thank you Sue!!"

Congratulations Sa, passed 1st time with me!!

21st March 2023

"I am so grateful to have had Susan as my driving instructor. I have had lessons prior to Susan’s and Susan’s way of teaching is by far THE BEST. Susan is detailed and thorough in her teaching and explanations - I find this very important and helpful for every learner who wants to become a CONFIDENT and SAFE driver on the road. Susan is extremely caring, kind, empathetic and professional. She always took notes of my progress during my lessons and she was willing to go above and beyond to help me understand the practicalities of driving on the road. Susan understands the feelings and anxiety a learner driver faces behind the wheel and was always very accommodating whenever I was feeling nervous and anxious. I can’t recommend Susan enough and I will miss her dearly! She has not only become an instructor but also a dear friend. I wish you all the best Susan with the rest of your students, your hard work for us truly pays off! Thanks again, Sa xx"

Congratulations Emma, passed 2nd attempt!!

9th March 2023

"I had the best experience learning to drive with Susan, she is patient, kind, articulate and most importantly knows how to make driving fun - we laughed together a lot!

After having a few instructors that weren’t quite right prior to Susan, I was delighted to find her and knew that I’d be able to pass my test with her. Susan is a fountain of knowledge and knows the roads inside out, which is incredibly useful for someone who hasn’t always lived in this area. Learning doesn’t stop at the lessons, she is also very resourceful in sending extra videos, links and apps to give that extra education - which is definitely needed.

Frankly, I am jealous of anyone who gets to learn with Susan, I will miss our lessons very much!"

Congratulations Claudia, passed 2nd attempt!!

6th February 2023

"How to describe Sue?! Patient, kind, with a hint of "yes mum" ;)

I don't think I have any words that could describe my gratitude towards her. She is an amazing instructor and a beautiful person. Not only does she teach you how to pass your test but she teaches you how to DRIVE for after you have passed. All her lessons are geared to you and what you struggle with. She sends pictures and videos, suggests people to follow on YouTube with all the best videos of routes and techniques. Spends time writing notes so you don't forget what was done the lesson before.

Just an outstanding instructor. 5***** isn't enough. I will forever be thankful for our time together and wish her the very best in her professional career.

So if you want the best instructor, just give Sue a call. Best money I have ever spent.

Thank you so much Sue xxx"

Congratulations Maria, passed 1st time!!

30th January 2023

"Susan is calm, patient and extremely encouraging! She always made me feel relaxed in the car and took so much care in teaching me in a way that was the simplest for me to understand. She also sent videos and notes from my lessons so I could revise them for my test! She was so reassuring even when I did make mistakes and helped me to understand what went wrong and why so it wouldn’t happen again. I couldn’t recommend Sue more if I tried she is honestly the best and I’m grateful that she’s taught me such an amazing life skill. Thank you Sue xx"

Congratulations Tom, passed 2nd attempt!

12th January 2023 

"Susan was such an amazing, patient instructor. From getting in the car for the first time to the day of my test, she always made me feel relaxed in the car and taught in a way that made driving easy to understand. Susan always knew the right amount to push me, this allowed me to see progress every lesson and made me always look forward to my next lesson. Thank you so much for everything Susan !"

Congratulations Sarah!! 

Passed 8th Dec 2022

"I remember reading glowing testimonials from Sue’s past pupils when I was originally looking for a driving instructor. Now after successfully passing my test myself I’m thrilled to be writing my own.

There’s no doubt that learning to drive is a big undertaking for time, finances and commitment. With this investment, I was so lucky to find Sue as my instructor; she made that time a joy.

With the patience of a saint and an eye for detail, Sue really helps you to reach your potential. Through clear and calm teaching adapted to different learning styles, Sue ensures that you understand each step along the way. The lessons themselves were challenging, but Sue’s personable manner made them enjoyable. Although I’m so glad to have passed my test and be moving forward with the life skill of driving, I will truly miss my lessons with Sue.

Sue is a fantastic teacher, I’m so thankful for my experience learning to drive with her and I cannot recommend her more."

Congratulations Lauren, passed 1st time!!

17th November 2022

"I'm so happy with my results! I genuinely couldn't have done it without Sue - she's so helpful during lessons and she sends over videos and notes from lessons to ensure that you keep up with what you're learning. Thank you so much Sue xxx"

Congratulations Carla, passed 2nd attempt, with just 1 minor fault!!

1st November 2022

"Can’t even put into words how much of an amazing instructor Sue is, but I’ll try. She’s the perfect balance of patient and reassuring but will push you to your full potential. What I found most helpful was that she’d always ensure that you understood what your mistake was, how it happened and how to prevent it from happening again. It really made the learning process insightful. It was honestly such pleasure to have Sue as an instructor I will always sing her praises"

Congratulations James, passed 1st time!!

28th October 2022

"Sue is an amazing and funny (sometimes :)) person. She talked me through everything before we did it and gave detailed analysis at the end of every session. I completely attribute my pass to having Sue as my instructor! Thanks again for your patience and guidance"

Congratulations Ellen, passed 2nd time with just 1 minor!!

27th October 2022

"Sue is a truly wonderful teacher that genuinely cares about the success of her students. I credit my pass entirely to her seemingly endless well of patience and support, without which I definitely would have given up learning to drive within a few months. I couldn’t recommend Sue more, especially if you’re nervous to start driving or - like me - you tend to give up trying something new if you aren’t good at it straight away. Learning to drive is hard, but Sue makes it feel achievable."

Congratulations Daisy, passed 2nd time!!

3rd October 2022

"I have had a few driving instructors before Sue, and Sue is by by far the best! Sue is so kind, patient and reassuring. She put me at ease immediately, which enabled me to learn so much better and really helped my confidence grow. I started learning with Sue when newly pregnant, and baby brain quickly kicked in, but Sue has the ability to explain all aspects of driving so clearly and concisely, and this really helped me remember all the important steps. Sue is also great at debriefing at the end of each lesson so you know what is going well, and what needs a bit more focus. That was such a valuable discussion for me. She is also just the loveliest person, and is so flexible and accommodating. I will really miss my chats with Sue, and cannot thank her enough!!"

Congratulations Olivia, passed 2nd time!!

26th August 2022

"Sue's an amazing driving instructor, couldn't have imagined driving with anyone else! Very patient, always explains things clearly- she really puts her heart and soul into making you the best driver you can be.

Thank you Sue !!!!"

Congratulaions Melissa, passed 1st time!!

6th July 2022

"I’d never had a driving lesson prior to starting with Sue, and her ability to explain everything clearly and thoroughly was brilliant. Sue is incredibly patient and able to maintain a calm atmosphere at all times. All of her lessons are structured with specific topics to teach key skills, but she is also amazing at adapting all of her methods and references to suit you as an individual and the way you learn. Her in-depth knowledge of local areas and tips for success are extremely helpful, but she also focuses on helping you become a safe and capable driver for life. Thank you so much Sue!"

Congratulations Alannah, passed 9th June 2022!

"Sue is honestly the number one teacher. Friendly, patient, and encouraging. I always had excellent explanations of how and why. I was very nervous in my early lessons but always learned from my mistakes and became confident very quickly. Her calmness and kindness made my lessons even more enjoyable and I now have all the tools I need to be a great driver."

Congratulations Emily, passed 1st time!!

6th May 2022

"Sue is a wonderful teacher. She is kind, patient and so easy to get along with. From the very first lesson right up until my test day she has put me at ease and given me the confidence I have needed to get out on the roads. Sue’s wonderful personality combined with her extensive knowledge of driving makes her the best person to learn with.

I am going to miss my lessons with Sue so so much".

Congratulations Andrew, passed 1st time!!

29th March 2022

"Sue’s teaching and knowledge is second to none. More than anything though Sue is super friendly, and a pleasure to drive around with. At the start I was a bit nervous, but quickly felt totally fine. With Sue you’re in safe hands. As we moved through the lessons I always felt that Sue knew exactly what was needed to help. Any challenges were quickly overcome. By the time I got to my test I felt thoroughly prepared, and really appreciated how much Sue was rooting for me to pass. Thanks Sue!"

Congratulations Sophia, passed 1st time!!

31st March 2022

"​Sue is literally THE loveliest person, she is honestly probably the most patient person I have ever met, she is immensely kind, empathetic and compassionate. Being on the roads as a driver is scary but I always felt safe with Sue. She is extremely good at explaining the concepts you’ll need to be a good driver and was so tolerating of my never-ending and repetitive questions! She is incredibly encouraging and understanding as an instructor, and I can tell that she truly cares about each person she teaches:) I will recommend Sue to literally anyone who’s looking for driving lessons, if only every instructor was like you Sue! I’m going to really miss our lessons, cannot thank you enough xx”

Congratulations Wallis, passed 1st time with just 1 minor!!

4th March 2022

"Sue is such a good teacher, I would definitely recommend. She’s clear with instructions, calm and so easy to get along with. She always planned lessons, made points about what I needed to work on, she pays close attention, she gave great feedback and tailored lessons specifically for me which helped me grow in confidence. Thank you so much!!"

Congratulations Marta, passed 1st time!!

31st January 2022

"First off a massive thank to you Susan! She's an absolute brilliant instructor.

She is very patient, understanding, professional and a good motivator.

Each lesson was structured to concentrate on my weakest points and how to fix them! She is friendly and great listener - making you feel very comfortable. She will not only teach you how to pass your driving test but how to be a good driver.

I looked forward to every session with her and will definitely miss our chats!"

Congratulations Lewis, passed 1st time!!

10th December 2021

"Sue guided me through what seemed like a daunting learning curve with professionalism and charisma, making the whole experience much less stressful and very enjoyable. Her approach to teaching is adaptable according to learner’s ability and preference. Being a kinetic learner she made the lessons very practical which meant I could learn much quicker and more effectively. Passing first time is a testament to her teaching skills, and for that I can’t thank her enough!"

Congratulations Alex, passed 2nd time!!

14th December 2021

"Susan’s fun name first caught my eye and encouraged me to get in touch, as soon as we spoke on the phone I was immediately put at ease. Being a new learner, she was thorough with the theory, which helped give me confidence throughout our lessons. I never felt I was left with unanswered questions, and any question I did have was always answered professionally. She has been an excellent teacher from the start, adapting to my needs, ensuring I don’t pick up any bad habits and most importantly, teaching me how to drive safely. Beyond that Susan’s is a lovely, kind and funny person that I now feel fortunate to know. I couldn’t recommend her enough!"

Congratulations Susanna, passed 1st time!!

25th November 2021

"Sue is an exceptional instructor and I would recommend her unreservedly. She is a very astute and observant teacher, focussed on what you can do better, identifying areas to focus on and making sure you practice them. She's clear and great at explaining things. She is also calm, kind and encouraging and creates a great atmosphere to learn in. I'd had a different instructor before finding Sue who had none of these qualities - I wish I'd found Sue earlier! I made progress so much more quickly with Sue, and enjoyed lessons so much more. Thanks Sue for everything!"

Congratulations James, passed 2nd time!!

2nd November 2021

"I feel very fortunate to have found Sue as a driving instructor. From the very first lesson she was friendly, a clear communicator and professional. She was encouraging and supported me to overcome any difficulties I faced when learning to drive. She has vast experience of the roads in the local area and will teach you not only to pass your test, but to be a great driver!"

Congratulations Nicola, passed 2nd time!!

8th October 2021

"I feel very lucky to have had Sue as my driving instructor. From the moment I first stepped in the car, I felt instantly comfortable and at ease. Not only were the lessons informative and thorough, she managed to keep the learning process fun. In stressful situations she was supportive and had endless patience and understanding. She has taught me to be a confident, safe driver which is all I could have asked for. I will genuinely miss having my lessons with her now our journey has ended. I can’t recommend her enough!"

Congratulations Brendan, passed 1st time!!

3rd September 2021


"I am so happy that Susan has been my driving instructor. I had tried lessons in the past with​ someone else but when I moved to Susan she made me feel much more confident and calm. Susan has such a positive attitude and is so supportive and encouraging during lessons. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive as you feel completely safe but Susan also ensures that she is pushing you and challenging you too at an appropriate pace and I was delighted that I passed my test at my first attempt"

Congratulations Conor, passed 1st time!!

31st August 2021


"Susan is a brilliant driving instructor, who helped me remain calm throughout my lessons by creating a fun atmosphere, whilst maintaining clear and concise direction. There was some pressure on me to pass before University and I can say with confidence there wasn’t anyone better than Susan to help me achieve it. A great person who shared in my success and I am grateful for her patience and fun lessons which encouraged my love of driving! 10/10 Instructor!

Many thanks!"

Congratulations Joseph, passed 1st time with 1 minor!!

28th July 2021

"S​usan was a great instructor! She is incredibly patient and encouraged me to always do the best I could. I’m so glad I chose Susan as my instructor as she truly wanted me to succeed and was very reassuring which helped me pass first time. I can’t thank you enough. I couldn’t have done it without you."​​​

Congratulations Freya, passed 1st time!!

21st July 2021


"I'm really glad I learned to drive with Susan — she’s a brilliant instructor and probably the reason I was able to pass first time! Her lessons were organised and structured to get lots of practice for every junction type and manoeuvre. She’s patient and reassuring, and gave helpful feedback during every lesson so I was really able to focus on the things I had to improve. Her driving tips and reference points were not only great for the test but I will remember them as a driver going forward as well. Overall I’d absolutely recommend Susan to any learner driver. Thank you Sue for everything!"

​Congratulations Adreilly, passed 1st time!!

29th June 2021​


"Sue is an amazing driving teacher and I would 100% recommend her to anybody. She made me feel so comfortable and her persona shined through and it really did play a massive factor in my confidence in my driving. Thank you so much I couldn’t have done it without you. I will really miss our lessons. Thank you again x"

Congratulations Jeremie, passed 1st time!!

2nd June 2021


"I’m very happy that I found Susan, she is a wonderful and passionate instructor! I had bad nerves on my first couple lessons, but Susan is so good at helping you build your skill and confidence each lesson. I ended up loving every lesson, and looking forward to my next class as soon as I got out the car!

Sue has such good techniques and tips for driving, she will teach you everything clearly and thoroughly. I realised during my test how effective this was, it was such good help.

Thanks again, Sue! I will miss your lessons 🚗"

Congratulations Milane, passed 1st time!!

20th May 2021


"Sue is an outstanding driving teacher and I would definitely recommend her to anybody.

Her commitment, flexibility, patience and sweetness is what makes all difference for me.

The fact that she makes you think 💭 where the mistake was and how you would fix it helped a lot, not to repeat them and recognised straight away if I did it.

If I didn’t have a teacher 👩‍🏫 like Sue going through lockdown I don’t think I would manage to carry on.

She always goes the extra mile.

Thank you very much indeed for been my teacher and part of my driving history.

You are a great teacher and a lovely person too. I will miss our hours out on the road.

🚗 🍃🌸🍂🌼

Milane Barbosa.

Congratulations Lewis, passed 1st time!!

14th May 2021


"Susan is a fantastic driving instructor. Every lesson was a constructive learning experience to prepare for the exam, and any mistakes along the way were explained in both a reassuring but professional way, with clear advice on how to fix them. The tips and reference points that Sue taught me for the manoeuvres were easy to learn and really consistent, which I will never forget when I need to do them in the future. Croydon/Thornton Heath can be an intimidating area to take your driving test, but my mind was put at ease with Susan. Thank you!"

Congratulations Andrew, passed 1st time!!

18th December 2020

"Susan is a fantastic instructor and an even better person! Her calmness, patience and experience helped me so much when learning, making me feel very relaxed and allowed me to be confident in the car. Even when I made mistakes, Susan always knew what to say or what to do to help me in that situation. Our lessons had the perfect balance: serious when it needed to be, but she can also make jokes and have a laugh which made the lessons X10 better.

I cannot thank Susan enough for helping pass 1st time, and I’d recommend her to anyone. She always has a smile on her face and I’ll miss the lessons dearly"

Congratulations Jennifer, passed 1st time with zero faults!!

10th December 2020


"Sue is a fantastic driving instructor. She is really patient and makes you feel completely at ease with driving. She is professional and great fun at the same time. It is obvious she cares about the success of each of her students and with her words of encouragement she is like you’re own personal cheerleader. She gave me some really great tips and things to watch out for when doing my driving test which helped me pass first time. I can’t thank her enough."


Congratulations Darren, passed 1st time with 1 minor fault! 4th December 2020


"Susan is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable driving instructor.

She has a naturally calm persona yet firm way of teaching, which was perfect for learning. I felt totally at ease through every lesson and even when I

needed further assistance on certain manoeuvres (reverse bay parking) she pointed out some really easy steps to follow which clearly shows how experienced she is.

Throughout the lessons which are structured in a way that makes you feel more and more confident as you go, Susan helped greatly by clearly explaining what is required on test day. This gave me great confidence on test day and helped me to pass.

All throughout the lessons Susan has a great personality and you'll have a good few laughs along the way, which I found really useful, as this put my mind at rest as i had not driven for 20 years.

I would highly recommend Susan and if you're in the South Norwood, Thornton Heath area, don't bother going with anyone other than Susan."

Congratulations Eren, passed 27th August 2020


"I am so glad Sue was my instructor. She’s fun, reassuring and really cares on a personal level. Whenever you feel unsure about something, she is always there to help - even if you need to get your worries out of your system the night before your test. Having just passed, I’m super excited to start driving independently. If you want to be stuck in a car with an instructor until you pass your test, it’s definitely Sue!"

Congratulations Natalya, 1st pass since lockdown!

30th July 2020


"Susan is an outstanding driving instructor! She is incredibly patient, reassuring, professional, and dedicated to helping you not only pass your test, but ensuring you are a confident and safe driver. Driving manual is not an easy task, but with Susan’s knowledge and clear explanations she helped me pick it up quickly. She has a unique ability to keep calm and help you recover quickly even in the most difficult driving situations. Each lesson I learnt new skills and was also able to have a good laugh! Thank you Susan for making every lesson so enjoyable and for teaching me this valuable lifelong skill!! Natalya xx"

Congratulations Jack, passed 1st time!

10th March 2020

"Auntie Sue was such a patient and passionate instructor, who not only helped my brother pass first time but now me and

I’m so glad I had such an amazing teacher, so thank you!"


Congratulations Robyn, passed 1st time with zero faults!

21st January 2020

"Susan is a super knowledgeable, patient and friendly instructor, helping me to pass first time! She was very flexible with lesson times which was very handy due to my work schedule. I would recommend her to anyone."

Congratulations Charlene, passed 1st time with me!

20th January 2020

"Sue is an outstanding instructor!

Having failed 4 driving tests 18 years ago, I really wanted to get back into driving. I had taken some lessons with a previous instructor, but felt that their teaching style wasn't right for me. I contacted Sue and from the very first lesson I knew that she was the right instructor for me. I began lessons with Sue when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child. Her clear and encouraging teaching style really helped me. She is kind and patient and it felt like I had known her for years. 4 weeks after having my baby, I got back into my lessons with Sue's encouragement and now I'm so proud to have passed my test only 4 months after having a baby!

Sue is such a great person who is easy to get along with and each lesson is like catching up with a friend whilst learning a lifelong skill.

I will miss my lessons with Sue!

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test. xxx" 

Congratulations Mariana, passed 1st time!


15th January 2020

"After failing my first test with a previous instructor, my confidence dropped. But after driving with Sue I have never felt better. I could not have asked for a better instructor. She’s kind, reassuring and serious when she needs to be. She also cares a lot about her students. She has helped me build my confidence back up and finally pass! Thank you so much Sue, I will miss our lessons. I definitely recommend learning to drive with her. You won’t regret it!"

Congratulations Jeremy, passed 1st time!

17th Dec 2019

"Sue is an amazing instructor! I enjoyed every single lesson and each lesson was insightful, helping me to develop my confidence when driving. Although I was busy with my mocks and A levels, she was considerate and flexible when giving me lessons. I can't thank Sue enough for all the help she gave me and I'm so glad I passed first time (although I'll miss the lessons)! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to driver

Many thanks,


Congratulations Kika, passed 1st time!!

22nd Nov 2019

"Sue is such an amazing person and a fantastic instructor. I have genuinely enjoyed every single lesson with her, growing more and more confident with each one. She has an amazing ability to keep calm (and keep me calm) even in the most difficult of situations which has definitely had an impact on how I deal with tricky driving situations. She’s got the perfect balance of being kind and patient but also strong and assertive when necessary. She is so invested in her students and goes that extra mile that you wouldn’t normally expect from an instructor. Thank you so much Sue for everything and making learning to drive an enjoyable experience! I am definitely going to miss our lessons together!" 

Congratulations Elizabeth, passed 1st time with me!

21st Nov 2019

"I contacted Sue after failing my first driving test and as a result losing a lot of confidence in my ability. Her teaching approach really helped me to better understand the technicalities of driving, improve my existing skills and rebuild the confidence I had lost. She never made me feel stupid, even when I asked the same questions again and again or couldn’t get the hang of something straight away and I really looked forward to our lessons. She was also very conscious of the fact that I had a baby I had to work lessons around, even allowing me to bring him with me for some lessons, which was a great help. After a few short months I went into my test feeling nervous but sure that I now had all the skills I needed to pass - and I did! Thanks!"

Congratulations Salma, passed 2nd time!!

5th Nov 2019

"I have loved driving with Sue! She is very patient and has taught me to be, especially in difficult situations. I have become a confident driver now due to her encouragement and clear explanations.

I would recommend her very highly to anyone learning to drive.

Thank you again Sue

Love Salma xx"

Congratulations Lizzie, passed 1st time!

28th June 2019

"I’ve absolutely loved my driving lessons with Sue. I’d had lessons with a different instructor a few years ago but given up before taking my test as they made me so scared of driving. This time, I needed someone who could reassure, be kind, clear in teaching style and have patience as I tried to conquer my fear. Sue gave all of this and more. I now love driving, am itching to do as much of it as possible and even feel as though I’m a safe driver, something I never thought would be possible. I will really miss the learning process, lessons with her and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thank you so so much Sue!"

Congratulations Aisha

passed 12th June 2019

"I loved my time with Susan , she was motivating when I needed it and patient with me. I was recommended to Susan by a friend and I’m so glad I was! She’s such a kind person and genuinely wanted to see me pass my test. We focused on my weaknesses in driving each lesson and always let me know what I needed to do to improve without being harsh.

Sue I couldn’t thank you more!

Aisha x"

Congratulations Asma, passed 13th March 2019

"Sue is an amazing driving instructor, she is a great person I have ever met, very kind, helpful and patient. I don’t learn from her just how do you drive, also I learned how to be patient especially in difficult situations.

Each lesson I learned new skills, and I really struggled with driving many times, however Sue gave me more motivation, more confidence and made it more easier for me. Sue is supportive and encouraging and makes you feel determined that you can pass the test!!

I highly recommend Sue to someone wants to learn and understand driving perfectly ... really I will miss our lessons.

Many thanks Sue:) xxx"

Congratulations Rebecca, passed 11th March 2019

"Sue is an excellent driving instructor and has helped me so much in getting me to pass my test. She’s calm and patient, and is so helpful when teaching. Her teaching methods are great and she’s given me the confidence to drive. Thank you Sue :) xx"

Congratulations Cat

passed 18th Jan 2019

"Sue is an outstanding driving teacher. If you want to learn to drive, she will help you not only to get there, but to be a confident, well trained driver at the end of it. I really struggled with fear of driving due to anxiety and confidence issues across everything in my life, and Sue showed me I could do it and went with me step by step. The unique thing is how she helps diminish the pressure and teaches you for the individual that you are. Could not recommend more highly.

Cat Cooper."

Congratulations Ellamae, passed 1st time!

13th Nov 2018

"Sue is an amazing driving instructor! She is so patient and kind. I highly recommend her to everyone, I honestly thought I would never pass my driving test first time but I did all thanks to Sue!

I’m going to miss our lessons so much thank you xxx"

Congratulations Marco, passed with ZERO faults!!

31st Oct 2018

"Hey you there !!!! DO NOT GET STRESSED on learning how to drive and passing your test. Just go with Susan and it’s guaranteed you’ll be fine. She’s very professional, friendly, patient, and fully dedicated to helping you achieve a high level of driving. And most importantly, she is open to having a good laugh during the lessons which makes the experience of learning even more enjoyable. Thanks Sue !!!!"

Congratulations Dorothy, passed 9th Oct 2018

3rd attempt

"Succeed with Susan

Yes, l most certainly did succeed today with Susan.

I can't express how much, or how highly l recommend this lady instructor. She has, from my first lesson with her, instilled confidence and assured me that l can get through my driving lessons and pass my test. Susan is patient, her instructions are precise and non-fussy. Although l have had many lessons when l was younger, l could not tie-up the instructions with the movability of the car. Susan's explanations and guidance, (with the occasional text notes) helped me to PASS my test today. I am a lady of advancing age, but age was not a hindrance to me with Susan's excellent tutoridge. So if you are considering restarting your driving lessons or if you are thinking of starting driving lessons, l highly recommend you go with Susan to succeed, l did.

Thank you Susan."

Congratulations Bokan, passed 1st time

2nd Oct 2018

"Sue is a great driving instructor! She is very kind and friendly. I am so happy that I switched over to driving with Sue. She kept a very good record of my personal learning to ensure that the lessons were focused on exactly what I needed. I couldn’t have done this without her. She was so supportive throughout my journey. Thank you very much Sue xx

Congratulations Chloe, passed 1st time

19th Sept 2018

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Your patience and determination helped me most when I never even expected to drive! I was very hasty when starting but having such a calm, good listening instructor who will answer any question (silly or not) really makes you feel at ease, especially when you can have fun at the same time without it all being daunting. I could not have done it without you and I would recommend Susan to everyone I know with no hesitation! :)"

Congratulations Lizzie, passed 13th Aug 2018

"Before driving with Sue, I had 2 previous driving instructors and had quit due to my nerves. Sue was so patient and made the whole process 100% less daunting. She made each lesson fun but was also strict when she needed to be and I'll forever hear her voice in my head when I'm driving... I honestly never thought I would actually pass and her help and dedication made this possible. Thank you so much Sue! I will wholeheartedly miss our lessons :) xxx"

Congratulations Antonio, passed 13th July 2018

"Dear Susan,

I just wanted to thank you for all your support throughout the years and helping me to achieve my goal. You have been an excellent teacher and friend which kept motivating me to carry on, even through difficult times. Because of your optimism I finally have my driving licence which I am extremely grateful for.

Kindest regards, Antonio"

Congratulations Jessica, passed 11th May 2018

"I highly recommend Susan as a driving instructor, as she makes everything very clear, helps you with anything you’re unsure of and makes you feel very confident when driving!!!! Not only this but she is supportive and encouraging and makes you feel very determined that you can pass!! I always looked forward to my lessons with Susan! I wouldn’t go with anyone else! 10/10"

Congratulations Jennifer, passed 10th May 2018

"I’ve had quite a few driving instructors in the time I’ve been learning to drive and I have never met anyone as dedicated and involved with their students as Susan. She’s so personable, kind and very patient. Her lessons are by far the most comfortable teaching environment I’ve had and I would highly recommend Susan’s School of motoring as she has made my time learning to drive an enjoyable experience”

Congratulations Adil, passed 1st May 2018

" Susan is an excellent Driving Instructer. I passed my driving test with just 4 minor mistakes.Sue is very friendly, very flexible and an experienced coach. She has loads of road sense, knowledge and information about traffic rules. With her more then 30 years of experience on the road, driving makes me more comfortable and relaxed while driving with Susan. She is the best Instructor. I took lessons from some other instructors but she is the best and trustable."

Congratulations Emma, passed 18th April 2018

Congratulations Kiri, passed 12th March 2018

"Sue is a star! I felt at ease from the moment I sat in the car, she is very kind, patient and fun! Unlike with previous driving instructors I actually looked forward to my lessons with Sue, she's great at making you feel comfortable and confident as well as careful and cautious, rightly so! I love the way she explained information in a clear and relatable way so that it actually sank in and her expertise of the area and the examination process were crucial to me passing! I would 100% recommend Sue (and already have!) to anyone wishing to learn to drive. I will miss our lessons, Sue! All the best x"

Congratulations Jo, passed on her 3rd attempt

26th Feb 2018

"Sue is an excellent driving instructor, she is very patient and kind. Her attention to detail and high standards have made me a much better driver. I passed with 4 minors.

Sue is very supportive and genuinely wants the best for her students. Learning a new skill is always challenging, but Sue made the process enjoyable. I'd highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to start driving lessons."

Congratulations Ellen,

passed 11th Oct 2017

"I really enjoyed my time learning with Susan. After having lessons a couple of teachers before her, I felt more at ease and confident during our lessons and she was very encouraging. I finally passed this week with only one minor! Thank you for all your help!"

Congratulations Roxy, passed on her 2nd attempt!

15th July 2017

"Amazing driving instructor!! Very friendly and patient. I was doing driving lessons before with another instructor but didn't feel comfortable driving in my lessons so I lost my confidence and stopped learning for a couple of years and then a friend of mine recommended Sue so I decided to take up lessons again and it was the best choice. Sue is patient and calm and helped me get my confidence back when driving. I passed my driving test last Saturday with only 5 minors and I'm so happy now I have my licence, highly recommend!"

Congratulations Jess, passed 1st time with me!

1st July 2017

"I first learned to drive over 10 years ago and may have failed a few tests along the way! It had been a long time since I'd driven and Sue immediately made me feel confident and comfortable in the car, and most importantly, that I was going to be able to do this. I really enjoyed our lessons because I felt encouraged every time, and not criticised. Sue is a truly excellent driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone. I will miss having lessons!"

Congratulations Brendan, passed 1st time!

30th May 2017

"Sue instantly made me feel at ease during our lessons. She was exceptionally patient and always had a smile on her face, even when I didn't get things right. Whenever we learnt something new, Sue would give a very clear and coherent explanation to ensure that I understood all the necessary details, even if this meant drawing a map to allow me to visualise the roads we would be driving on. She was always willing to explain things again and answer any questions that I had. As well as just being good company, learning to drive with Sue was a very enjoyable experience. Thank you!"

Congratulations Val, passed on her 4th attempt!

8th May 2017

" Yes, I've passed my driving test! Even at my age!

I started learning with Sue from scratch. Sue is really patient and great at explaining things, she keeps notes on our lessons so is very systematic the way she teaches. I enjoyed my driving lessons so much, I wasn't too upset when I failed and had to have a few more. I'm delighted that with Sue's encouragement I passed on my 4th attempt. Thanks Sue, your the best!"

Congratulations Susie, passed on her 1st attempt with me!

5th Apr 2017

"I came to Susan after a couple of failed attempts at my test, and she was very supportive about building my confidence and correcting my mistakes to make me a much safer driver. Susan is a calm and friendly presence in the car, and she was always happy to discuss the best ways for me to learn. She has a great knowledge of the area which definitely came in handy on the day of my test, and I passed after my first attempt learning with her."

Congratulations Mohsin,

passed 1st time!

30th March 2017

"Sue's a brilliant instructor, always encouraging and explains any problems in great detail. She's friendly and easy to talk to. Thanks again Sue!"

Congratulations Becky, passed on her 2nd attempt!

24th Mar 2017

"Sue has been amazing instructor. I was a very nervous driver at the start but she was always patient and encourging which helped build my confidence. She showed me ways to make driving so much easier and was always clear in explaining what to do.

I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks again."

Congratulations Bea, passed on her 3rd attempt

12th Jan 2017

" Learning to drive with Sue has been such a pleasure. I was nervous and not very confident to begin with, but she made me feel so at ease. She was very patient and reassuring.

It took me a couple of tries to get through the test but she gave me the skills and confidence to keep going. She has really made me feel proud of what I have achieved. In the end I've had such fun learning to drive. I will miss having my lessons each week! I would highly recommend having Sue as an instructor. "

Thanks again Sue! Love Bea x

Congratulations Deborah, passed 1st time with 28 hours tuition!

25th Nov 2016

"There aren’t enough words to explain how much of an amazing instructor Susan Hanley is.

From her enjoyable lessons, to her informative explanations, can-do attitude and flexibility (especially with my crazy schedule), Susan has been the best instructor I could have ever had.

To pass my test FIRST TIME, with under 30hours of lessons is a testament to how much of a great teacher Susan is.

Susan is a fun, friendly and personable woman, who puts all of her effort into her students to make sure that they are the best they can possibly be.

She corrects without condemnation, and encourages with honesty and truthfulness; she is by far a genuinely natural teacher who only has your best interests at heart.

If there’s any driving instructor I would recommend whole-heartedly, it would without a doubt be Susan."

Congratulations Gulnara, passed 1st time!

22nd Nov 2016

"Susan is an amazing driving instructor and I would definitely recommend her. After driving for 10 years at my home-country on a different side of the road I was afraid that I will never be able to pass a test here. Thanks to Susan I passed my driving test at first attempt! During our lessons she was very professional and patient. Her explanations and techniques were very useful and easy to understand. She is also very easy-going, supportive and has a great sense of humour (which is handy when you are super stressed). I think, anyone who wants to get UK driving licence or needs a refreshment course will benefit greatly from Susan’s lessons."

Congratulations Gbemi, passed 2nd time!

28th Oct 2016

"Having been recommended Sue by a family member, I can truly attest that she is indeed a very skilled driving instructor that I would highly recommend to anyone. Every lesson was carried out with a friendly smile and she instilled confidence even when I fell short the first time. She has a very logical teaching approach, so things sink in quickly and stay with you. Sue will not only teach you what you need to pass but also how to be a good driver. It's obvious to me that she takes great pride in what she does, and would endorse her work to all learner drivers. Thanks again Sue!"

Congratulations Natalie, passed 2nd time!

9th Sept 2016

"Sue is an excellent instructor. From my very first lesson i was completely made to feel at ease. She is extremely patient and calm, which is fundamentally essential if one is to feel comfortable when learning to drive. Sue comes highly recommended and her success rate speaks volumes. I would most definitely recommend her expertise service to anyone who desires to successfully passed their driving test. Thank u. X"

Congratulations Geraldine, passed 2nd time!

5th Sept 2016

"Sue is a fantastic driving instructor, she immediately puts you at ease with her calm and friendly approach.

I had previously taken lessons with two other instructors and sadly I could not grasp the concept of driving.

Thankfully I found Sue, whose method and knowledge gave me the confidence and know how to go on and pass my test.

I could not recommend Sue more.

Thank you x"

Congratulations Lawrence, passed 1st time!

15th Aug 2016

"Sue is an awesome instructor and the time I spent with her was key to me passing my driving test the first time around! She is very knowledgeable, reassuring, calm, friendly, easy to talk to, and showed me some great tricks which made doing manoeuvers a breeze!! I really enjoyed being taught by Sue and I highly recommend her if you want to give yourself the best chance of getting things done on the first attempt!

Thanks again Sue"

Congratulations Stephan, passed 1st time!

11th Aug 2016

"Sue is an excellent driving instructor, who provided me with the needed experience to pass my test 1st time. Her enjoyable and informative lessons meant I was continuously improving as a driver, which only boosted my confidence behind the wheel. Throughout my learning Sue was always friendly and supportive of me, so no matter what mistakes I made she was always happy to explain how I could rectify these.

Overall, it was a pleasure to be taught by Sue and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who wants to pass their driving test.

Thank you!"


Congratulations Clajah, passed on her 2nd attempt!

25th July 2016

"When I started with Susan, I had driven automatic for 17 years in America. When i moved back to London I decided to learn to drive a manual car. The first Instructor I had shouted a lot, making me feel like I was useless. I decided to look for another Instructor. I felt very comfortable with Susan, she made me feel at ease. She was always calm in her approach which I responded to better.

I wasn't used to roundabouts, she took my fear of them away quite quickly. I got used to driving on the opposite side quite quickly too. A calm and patient Instructor is what's needed, Susan was all of that. She was great company too;)."

Congratulations Isabella, passed on her 1st attempt!

15th April 2016

"I have had lessons with 3 instructors over the course of 17 years and I was never ready to take my test. I never really clicked with any of them and always ended up giving up after a while. As soon as I met Sue I felt at ease and stopped worrying about my previous attempts. She's friendly and patient and always made the lessons enjoyable. I always felt she explained things to me in a way that I could understand and gave me the chance to develop in my own way. She was always honest with me about my abilities too which I appreciated. She's really flexible which was good for me and my childcare issues. It took me fewer lessons then I expected to pass too. I would recommend her to anyone looking to learn to drive and I'm quite sad that my lessons have finished!"

Congratulations Jenna, passed on her 1st attempt with me!

30th March 2016

" I came to Sue having being recommended by someone who learnt to drive with her. I failed my first test about 5 years ago and decided to give it another go. Sue was patient, always kept a detailed track of my progress so i was able to understand where and what to improve. Shes friendly, always patient and makes the lessons enjoyable. I will be recommending her to anyone who asks!"

Congratulations Ourmila, passed on her 3rd attempt

25th Feb 2016

"Sue was an excellent instructor. She was very friendly and patient. She made me more confident and comfortable from the first lesson. She was very informative and easy to understand about driving. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family. Thank you so much Sue for helping me to pass my driving test."

Congratulations Thea, passed on her 1st attempt!!

22nd Jan 2016

"Susan has been a pleasure to learn to drive with - she is warm, friendly and explains everything comprehensively to ensure you understand exactly what you are doing and the reason behind doing it. Susan makes learning to drive fun and I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Susan!"

Congratulations Ryan, passed on his 2nd attempt!

19th Jan 2016

"I couldn't have asked for a better instructor than Sue. Lessons were always enjoyable as well as informative, I knew exactly what I needed to improve upon and I was supported through all of it. Sue is a great person, we could always enjoy a good conversation and I would say we developed a friendship over the lessons we did have, she will have you looking forward to your next lesson as soon as the current one finishes. Thank you for everything sue! x

Congratulations Emma, passed on her 2nd attempt with Zero faults!!

14th Jan 2016

"To pass my Driving Test with 0 FAULTS is the best testament any teacher can ask for and shows how good your teacher is. All the hard work has paid off, hooray!!!!!!. Susan was introduced to me by a friend. I liked her from the very first day we met. She meet me with a smile, was on time, very professional but friendly and took time to explain the basics of driving and what to expect. I learn't a lot even from the very first day. I like things to be done systematically and efficiently but not too slow and Susan was like that too. She never made me panic or uncomfortable. She took time to explain my faults and corrected them and she always made good remarks when I did something well which was a confidence booster. She always scheduled lessons around my busy schedule and does not charge a penny more than the lessons offered which is a sign of a person with integrity. She arrived at every lesson with a smile and enthusiasm and never showed any sign of tiredness even when she said she was tired or haven't eaten the whole day.

Thank you for your support, encouragement and vote of confidence over the months we spent together. I really enjoyed our lessons. Hope you always have more pupils to teach than you can even handle because you are committed to your job and to helping your students become excellent drivers. God richly bless you. Keep smiling Susan"

Congratulations Julia, passed 1st time!!

9th Dec 2015

"If there would be any instructor that I would whole-heartedly recommend, it would be Susan.

Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Susan for all of the help she has given me over the past few months. I could never have gotten to such a standard to be able to pass first time with only 3 minors without her!

Susan’s standard of teaching was immensely high, and the lessons were deeply informative but also enjoyable and motivational. I learnt something new every lesson, and I never felt uncomfortable or stressed. Susan was very patient, kind and understanding, and she was able to cater around my hectic timetable!! For the lessons leading up to the test, the mock tests were very useful into showing me my errors and made me prepared and feel confident for the practical test.

Susan always noted down the things we had covered that lesson and what I had achieved or where I had made mistakes, which was extremely useful, because it meant that the following lesson, we would work on the problems. Driving was enjoyable for me, even the dreaded manoeuvres, and Susan always explained things with such detail.

We worked hard and in the end, all of the effort paid off. Thanks again Susan for helping me pass my test and making driving enjoyable! It was a privilege and I still can’t believe I passed first time! I will miss our lessons but I wish you the best of luck for the future. Julia xx"

Congratulations Rachael, passed on her 2nd attempt!

3rd Nov 2015

"I started my lessons with Sue having previously learnt with another instructor a couple of years ago. From the very first lesson Sue was brilliant at easing my nerves helping me build on the skills I could remember. I was far from a natural when it came to driving and often found situations stressful but she was always patient and understanding. I can’t recommend Sue highly enough, she is a lovely person as well as a great instructor!"

Congratulations Mohsin, passed 28th Oct 2015

"Sue has been such a breath of fresh air to work with, unlike some of my previous instructors. Sue's lessons were engaging and informative, without a doubt I learned something new after each lesson. Sue has a really warm and bubbly personality, so much that at times I wanted to pass just to please her instead of doing it for myself ! I will definitely be recommending Sue to anyone looking to grab a licence.. Now it's time for me to tear up these roads! Thank you sue!"

Congratulations Nishma, passed 1st time!!

20th Oct 2015

"Sue has been so much fun to drive with, her lessons were informative and if i was ever unsure she explained things thoroughly to me.

Her enthusiastic and caring personality enabled me to drive with confidence and at ease which explains why i passed first time!

There were definitely times where i made many mistakes, but she remained patient and supportive.

Sue was a wonderful instructor and i would recommend her to everyone! Thank you Sue!! I'm already missing our lessons! Nishma x"

Congratulations Kai, passed 1st time with me!!

6th August 2015

"Excellent instructor! Very helpful! Highly recommended! I only took a few lessons from Sue and passed my test in one go!"

Congratulations Zelda, passed 1st time!!

15th July 2015

"I passed my driving test when I was 16 and living in South Africa but then immigrated to England in 2002 and have never had the need to drive as I’ve always lived in Central London and if I’m honest I was really scared to drive in London as the roads are far to narrow!! I loved driving but as I didn’t have the need to drive I’d let my licence expire. I then moved outside of London and also missed driving and getting to places without having to get on a train or a bus – that freedom you have when you are in your own car. I started doing some research in finding an instructor in the area I was living in. At first found a driving school before coming to Sue but as soon as I’ve finished my test drive to find out how many lessons I would need I found that the instructor just did not suite me and my search continued. I found Sue’s website and was impressed about what her students said about her and thought I would give her a bell and take it from there. From our very first encounter I liked Sue and we got on well. Sue is a very professional and patient instructor. She has the ability to adapt to her students needs and will help them learn to drive in a way that is comfortable for them but also safe – she would not lead you astray. Not only is Sue a brilliant instructor she is an amazing person and friend, someone you can trust. Your lessons with her are very informative and you will find it really easy to drive with her. Sue is not in it for the money like most driving schools, she genuinely cares about her students and that is a rarity. I would not have been able to get my licence without Sue’s help! So if you are looking for a patient and professional instructor then Sue is your women to go to! Thanks again Sue. Zelda"

Congratulations Skye, passed 1st time with me!

2nd July 2015

"I came to Susan after I had a big confidence knock from failing my first test, and immediately I knew that I had made the right choice to get in contact with her.

I definitely recommend Sue to anybody wanting to become a skilled and safe driver, no matter your level, as she is very capable of adapting to your abilities and helping you to advance them. You will really enjoy lessons with Sue; she has a positive and bright personality and is a very accomplished driver whose teaching methods are supportive, knowledgeable and enjoyable. Every lesson I learnt something new. Sue is very observant, even down to the tiniest details, and has a great teaching approach, especially in terms of questioning any mistakes I would make, which forced me to think about my actions, and in turn make me learn from my mishaps. Anything I didn't know or understand, she was able to explain it to me in a way that was easy to understand. I admire Sue's passion for her students and the way she was always patient and had full confidence in my skills, even when I didn't have any confidence in myself. I will forever be grateful to her for teaching me invaluable lessons and being a lovely friend in general. You will pass knowing that you have been taught everything you possibly can, by one of the very best instructors.

Thank you so much Sue, I will really miss you! x"

Congratulations Francesca, passed 1st time!!

21st May 2015

"Susan was a wonderful instructor and I would recommend her to friends and family in a heartbeat. I was a very nervous driver when I started having lessons but she was great at putting me at ease and making me feel confident in my abilities. She was endlessly patient and I found her style of teaching really easy to follow and really enjoyable. It was a pleasure being taught by her and I am sorry that we won't have our weekly slot anymore!"

Congratulations Isaac, passed 1st time!!

18th May 2015

"Susan has been an amazing instructor. She was always patient and very punctual and not to talk about her enthusiasm in wanting to teach people how to drive.

She has the time to go through all the lessons in details for you to understand. She will make sure you understand fully your lessons before she will advise you to book your practical test. Because of this, your probability of passing your practical test at first attempt is very high as this has happened to most of her students.

I strongly recommend anyone who wants to drive to go to Susan and you will never regret you did."

Congratulations Jay, passed 1st time!!

27th April 2015

"Sue was a fantastic instructor from the first lesson. She was always patient, a very calming and enthusiastic instructor. Despite any errors I used to make, she would never let them hinder my confidence and remained optimistic that they were all valuable lessons to learn from. Her trust in me when behind the wheel allowed me to really focus on my driving, making the experience a lot more enjoyable. Constantly supportive and undoubtedly one of the friendliest instructors out there, I always looked forward to our next lesson. Go Sue!"

Pupil Testamonials

Congratulations Isabella, passed 1st time!! 

21st August 2023 

"I’ve really enjoyed learning to drive with Sue as my instructor! She is so knowledgeable and helpful while learning a new skill which initially can be quite daunting, as well as making you feel really comfortable in the car with her. She goes above and beyond to help you to feel confident and able in the car. I would really recommend Sue, and will miss our lessons!"


Congratulations Basia, passed 1st time!!

4th July 2023

"Susan is a great driving instructor. She is patient and supportive. She can be strict, which can be hard, but in the end it makes you a better driver! I highly recommend Susan to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely and responsibly in busy London."

Congratulations James, passed 21st September 2023

"Sue has been a terrific instructor. I couldn’t have asked for better. I was delighted to pass my test last week and I owe everything to her. She’s been very patient, clear and communicative. Sending through videos and pictures to make sure I was 100% clear with all pitfalls passing in London entails. I will miss our drives and honestly couldn’t recommend her enough! She will absolutely make sure you cross the finish line and succeed"

Congratulations Robyn, passed 1st time!!

19th October 2023

"I can't express how lucky I feel to have had Sue as my driving instructor. She's not just an instructor; she's become a friend throughout this journey.

Right from the start, Sue's warm heart and fantastic sense of humour made every lesson a joy. I came into this with some nerves being an older driver, but she put me at ease immediately.

What sets Sue apart is her ability to tailor lessons to fit your needs. She never misses a thing and patiently adapts her teaching to what works best for you. She's the kind of instructor who can make even the trickiest driving manoeuvres feel manageable.

I recently passed my driving test with flying colours on my first go, and it's all thanks to Sue. She didn't just teach me how to drive; she instilled confidence in me, and I now genuinely enjoy being on the road.

So, if you're looking for someone who will go the extra mile to ensure your success, Sue is the one. Thank you, Sue, for being an incredible teacher and a wonderful friend!

I can't give her enough stars—5 stars don't do her justice. I wholeheartedly recommend her to everyone."

Congratulations Sacha, passed 1st time!!

25th October 2023

"Susan was a great instructor. Not only an instructor but a great person to chat with as well. The way she teaches is amazing and she does so with care. Making sure you will be safe on the road. If you feel like you are lacking confidence she is very supportive and will bring your in confidence to 100% and I know if I had a different instructor I wouldn’t have passed with only 3 minor faults which were all definitely avoidable on my first attempt. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to drive"

Congratulations Maymunah, passed 1st time!!

1st November 2023

"Sue has been an incredible instructor right from the start. She really invests in each student, adapting the lessons to your learning style. She’s the perfect mix of professional, with her extensive knowledge, and a great friend- we always had good laughs and chats. Her explanations were always clear and constructive, instilling the confidence to not only handle the car, but become a confident and independent driver. Her patience and empathy means the pace is tailored to you- but she always pushes you when she knows you can do it! She is an incredible instructor and has such a good heart. She’s so dedicated and will do everything she can to ensure you succeed- I’m so grateful to have learnt from her!"

I cover Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill, West Norwood, Upper Norwood, Penge, Norbury/Streatham & Croydon area.

Congratulations Oscar, passed 1st time!!

27th November 2023

"I honestly couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor – Sue is patient, always reacts calmly and knowledgeable.

I was anxious on many occasions but Sue made challenging situations feel manageable with good advice and helpful tips.

Sue keeps lessons engaging and always adds a personal touch with friendly conversation and the odd bit of humour which for me, was always helpful.

Thanks Sue, I feel confident and road ready!"

Congratulations Dominick!!

Passed 19th Dec 2023, 2nd attempt

"Sue is a kind and supportive driving instructor, she judges driving ability well, adjusting the lessons to focus on particular aspects that need improvement. Sue also gives good advice for the driving test and sends useful notes and videos that help you to be better prepared. Additionally, in the lessons Sue chooses areas where the test is likely to take place, so that you can learn the skills needed whilst also getting used to the location, making you more confident for when the test day approaches."


Congratulations Rym!!

Passed 1st time 4th Jan 2024

"Sue is a very professional, supportive and incredibly kind and patient instructor. 

She also has a nice sense of humour which made the driving sessions very enjoyable.

I feel so lucky to have had Sue as my instructor, she really helped me gain back my driving confidence.

I strongly recommend Sue to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely, confidently and responsibly.

Thank you so much for everything.

I wish you all the best Susan .

I will miss our lessons very much!"


Congratulations Mia!!

Passed 1st time with me 18th Jan 2024

"Susan is an amazing driving instructor, I’m glad to say that I passed first time with her!

Sue is excellent at explaining the rules of the road, her teaching is firm but fair which really helped me to refine my driving skills. Sue is super friendly and i have enjoyed every second of learning to drive with her.

On the day of my test Sue helped me to relax and feel at ease reassuring me that I could pass, giving me the confidence I needed during my test.

I had previously been with another instructor that didn’t work for me and I’m so glad that I switched and learnt with Susan as she really takes the time to invest in each student to make sure they perform to the highest standard possible.

I would highly recommend Susan to anyone who is thinking about learning to drive and I will miss our lessons very much. Thank you Susan!"

Congratulations Lani, passed 2nd attempt!!

26th January 2024

‘Having no driving experience in my life, I was very scared to start diving into it. After the first lesson, Susan made me feel at ease and confident that I can do this. Over the months of teaching me, I learned how to confidently drive and come out of my shell. She always made sure to do what was best for my driving. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Gonna miss her, thanks Susan!’

Congratulations Sacha, passed 1st time!!

25th October 2023

"Susan was a great instructor. Not only an instructor but a great person to chat with as well. The way she teaches is amazing and she does so with care. Making sure you will be safe on the road. If you feel like you are lacking confidence she is very supportive and will bring your in confidence to 100% and I know if I had a different instructor I wouldn’t have passed with only 3 minor faults which were all definitely avoidable on my first attempt. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to drive"

Congratulations Puja, passed 2nd attempt!!

12th February 2024

"Sue is a fantastic driving instructor, very thorough and very friendly. She supplements her teaching with useful videos, little videos which helped me a lot.  I had 3 driving instructors including Sue and she was the best instructor I had. I wasn't well before my test and the 2 lessons before the test weren't great but she didn't put me down she was trying to give me the confidence and I passed my test. I will highly recommend Susan as a driving  instructor
Thank you so much Susan for all your efforts."

Congratulations Martin, passed 1st time!!

16th Feb 2024

"I’d waited until my late thirties to learn to drive, and doing so in London was intimidating. Susan was immediately funny, open and supportive. I had a really fantastic time learning to drive from her. She is an amazing teacher, very clear, but with real personality. I looked forward to my lessons with her, spending a lot of the time giggling as we drove around. Susan has great knowledge of the local area and understands how to prepare someone to take the nerve-wracking driving test! Learning to drive was an enjoyable experience because of Susan’s teaching. I cannot recommend Susan highly enough!"

Congratulations Sophie!!

Passed 1st time 20th Feb 2024

"Passing my test on first attempt with only 3 minors is something I wouldn’t have been able to achieve if it weren’t for Sue. Her consistent vigilance, her warm approach, her admirable patience, and her firm teaching all made sure I knew exactly everything I needed to know to drive on London’s tricky roads. Sue always sent any helpful notes after lessons, and forwarded links to videos that were useful, as well as sending videos of her own explaining/showing things covered in our lessons. She’s a wonderful conversationalist, and a calming presence to have in the car with you if you’re anxious/nervous in any way. I am a very confident driver thanks to her, and I will be hearing her knowledgable voice in the back of my mind for years to come as I continue my driving journey."

Congratulations Meredith!!

Passed 1st time 19th March 2024

“I couldn’t have hoped for a better instructor than Susan, I was apprehensive initially and was so immediately put at ease that I knew I was with the right person. Susan is extremely knowledgable and has a very flexible yet thorough approach to teaching, she is kind and made the effort to really get to know me and I how I learn. She made the lessons fun, and focussed on increasing my confidence and skills as well as passing the test. I could not recommend her more highly, and will genuinely miss my lessons!”


Congratulations Reece, passed 1st time!!

10h April 2024

"Before I started learning with Susan I felt quite anxious due to having a bad experience with a previous instructor and through luck and perhaps Destiny I came across Susan’s car whilst making my way in a chicken shop 😂.

When I started learning with Susan I felt immediately at ease, she is very nurturing and any fault I made which was inevitable whilst learning how to drive Susan would explain thoroughly on how to improve from repeating those faults which was refreshing.

Whenever I spoke about my driving lessons to my friends I would refer to her as “the mother of driving” because as I said before she’s really nurturing and patient which was critical to my success passing the first time with just one fault.

I would highly recommend Susan to anybody who is seeking a driving instructor because you will definitely succeed with her if you’re willing to put the time in.

Susan thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, understanding, and nurturing nature because it made the whole process of learning how to drive easier. (The list of compliments can be ongoing here!)

I really enjoyed our journey together with my driving lessons with you.

Thank you



Congratulations Rekia, passed 15th April 2024

"I wanted to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt gratitude for all the hard work and dedication you've put into my journey with you. Your tireless efforts to ensure our learning experience is enriching and impactful have not gone unnoticed. Your passion for teaching and unwavering support have made a significant difference in my understanding and appreciation of the subject matter. Your commitment to excellence serves as an inspiration to me, and I am truly grateful to have had the privilege of being your student. Thank you for everything you do.



Congratulations Sophie, passed on her 2nd attempt!!

14th March 2015

"I highly recommend Sue, she is an excellent instructor. Her personable nature made lessons something I looked forward to.

I was extremely nervous when I began my lessons with her, but she was very patient and made me feel comfortable and confident in my driving skills.

Her ability to teach both the basic and advanced driving skills in a way I could easily understand and translate into driving in the car meant I approached my test with confidence and have become an assured safe driver. I could not have done it without her.

I will miss my lessons with her.

Sophie xx"

Congratulations Marilyn, passed on her 2nd attempt!!

16th Dec 2014

"I would definitely recommend Sue to any of my friends and family.

Sue is extremely patient and ensures that all her lessons incorporate elements of fun. As a person who was very nervous about driving on the road Sue helped me overcome those fears in a very supportive way. Sue was the fourth driving instructor I had and she is definitely the best!! Thanks so much for believing that i could do it!!!"

Congratulations Jamuma, passed 15th Dec 2014

Congratulations David, passed 1st time!!

18th Nov 2014

"From the first lesson to the last Susan has been an amazing instructor throughout. Susan’s unique teaching style allowed me to feel extremely comfortable behind the wheel and gave me confidence in which other driving instructors couldn’t. Lessons were informative, yet practical, and a laugh was always guaranteed. I made many mistakes whilst driving but no matter how big or small Susan always made me understand and learn from my mistakes, After passing my driving test I can see now why all our previous lessons running up to my test had prepared me so well. AND NOT ONLY DID I GAIN MY LICENCE, BUT I ALSO GAINED A FRIEND!

I cannot stress how grateful I am to you Susan for everything you have done!! I will be recommending you to everyone I know.

Thanks again,"

David Mullane

Congratulations Charlene, passed on her 2nd attempt!!

21st October 2014

Congratulations Taiwo, passed on her 2nd attempt!

24th Sept 2014

"I would highly recommend Susan to all my friends. Susan was a very patient, calm and supportive instructor. She constantly encouraged me and assured me that I could pass my practical driving test. The learning process with Susan was an active one, it was two ways. Susan would always go over areas I struggled with and ensured I understood the reason behind the instructions she was giving me. Thank you Susan for being a fantastic instructor and thank you for helping me pass my test."

Congratulations Jessica, passed 1st time!!

30th August 2014

"I just want to say a massive big thank you to Susan for teaching me how to drive. She has been a pleasure to work with and she is funny as well.

The driving lessons I had with Susan were so much fun and I always loved driving with Susan.

I have learnt so much from Susan and it has built up my confidence to drive safely on the road.

I'm going to miss Susan but I really enjoyed my time with Susan and if anybody wants to learn how to drive then I strongly recommended that you do driving lessons with Susan at all costs.

She is a wonderful, friendly and understanding driving instructor and I always remember the wonderful times on learning how to drive with Susan.

Thank you for always having faith in me and supporting me.

I'm truly grateful!"

Jessica xx

I would love to say a big thank you to Susan for her professionalism and efficiency in getting my daughter Jessica to pass her driving test first time. Jess is over the moon and the only downer is that she will miss seeing Susan. We can thoroughly recommend Susan as she has been a fantastic driving instructor. Thank you again Susan xx

Congratulations Chloe, passed 1st time with me!!

14th August 2014

"Susan is a wonderful instructor, so calm, patient and knowledgeable about driving. Susan would never get angry or patronise me like previous instructors. She made me feel very comfortable from the start. She picked up on my bad habits and worked hard to fix them. I enjoyed my lessons with her and am going to miss her. Susan was so supportive and gave me a confidence boost when I doubted myself. She would never put me down, always letting me know the things I was doing well, as well as things I needed to improve on. She has given me a greater understanding of driving and the daunting busy roads of Croydon. I can't thank Susan enough for the energy and persistence she put in me to get me to pass my test. I would highly recommend her to everyone, she is so smart and down to earth and I could not have done it without her. xx" Thanks, Chloe

"I passed my driving test 12 years ago as a very nervous 17 year old, but hadn’t really driven since. I wanted to start driving again but was quite worried about it, especially on busy London roads. After a phone call with Sue, where she put me completely at ease, we agreed to have some refresher lessons to see how I felt. Sue allowed me to go at my own pace, and we concentrated on the areas of my choosing such as busy roads and parking, which really helped re-build my confidence and skills. Sue is extremely patient and I felt like the lessons were a good balance between explaining things and trying them out. After 5 lessons I now have the confidence to be able to drive again, thanks Susan!

Thanks Gemma "

28th July 2014

Congratulations Catherine, passed 1st time!

6th June 2014

"From my first lesson with Sue, as a very nervous driver who was coming back to driving after a few years, I knew that I had made the right choice of driving instructor. She instantly put me at ease and her lessons are planned to build confidence and skills at your own pace. I felt completely safe in her hands and, having had other instructors in the past, her knowledge and patience are second to none. I was thrilled to pass my test first time with her and will be recommending her very highly to anyone else who needs lessons!"

Congratulations Rebecca, passed on her 2nd attempt!

23rd April 2014

"Sue is a wonderfully calm and supportive instructor. When I was first learning, she was very encouraging and positive, and she really built up my confidence as a driver. She was always calm, even when I was freaking out! As I moved towards my test she listened to my concerns and we worked through everything together, so that I felt ready to try! As well as being supportive, and unfailingly positive, she was also always ready to have a chat and a laugh, which put me at ease.

I loved driving with Sue and heartily recommend her!"

Congratulations Emma, passed 1st time!!

27th Feb 2014

"Learning with Susan was the driving experience I needed. I felt constantly at ease and felt the pace was just right. I never felt pressured and she maintained patience with me throughout. Susan’s teaching is not only thorough but also a lot of fun. She made learning to drive a fun experience and one that I wanted to strive for and achieve and with her guidance that’s what I was able to do. Susan’s very easy going and by the end we even had lots of laughs which my experience easier. She explains things clearly and simply and adapts things to your own personal needs. I am very grateful for her help in achieving my driving license. Thanks Again x"

Emma x

Congratulations Tom, passed 1st time!!

17th Feb 2014

"Sue was a brilliant driving instructor having learnt with her from the very start. From the first lesson she was always easy to talk to and towards the end we were able to have a few laughs.

Although most of the time i was wary, she pushed me and kept me going and never gets angry, if you do something wrong she just tells you what to do next time.

I always felt safe in the car with sue and I'd recommend her to anyone. I can't thank sue enough for helping me pass first time and wish her good luck on her endeavors with her other students."

Congratulations Bev, passed 1st time!!

29th Jan 2014

"I was incredibly nervous when I first started learning to drive. For a while I panicked every time there was another vehicle on the road..." There's a CAR!!!", " a LORRY!!", "a RUBBISH TRUCK!! What do I do?!" Fortunately Susan was great at calming me down and talking me through the situation, whatever it was. I also hated going fast, and would have happily stayed forever in second gear without Susan's gentle prompting. Then we came to deal with roundabouts..... oh my word! Again I just panicked and wanted to wait until everyone else had left the roundabout before I would even think about entering it. Susan was incredibly patient and positive until things finally started to click.

I would recommend Susan to anyone thinking of learning to drive. She is a great teacher, patient, supportive and wonderful at helping students to safely build confidence. I will really miss our friendly chats and I'm sure I will still be imagining her calm suggestions and advice whilst I am driving years from now. Thank you for everything.


Congratulations Pam, passed 1st time!!

17th Jan 2014

"Sue, firstly, I would like to say, thank you so much for believing and having a lot of faith in me! When I first met Sue for my first lessons, I did not feel confident about driving in general and felt overwhelmed of the whole process.

Given these feelings, she immediately put me at ease quite quickly with her calm manner and gently probing questions.

Overall, I found Sue impressively patient, her attention to detail and teaching quite thorough. I still picture her visual drawings showing for example, an approach to a daunting roundabout and how we would be proceeding towards it. These aides were so helpful being a visual person. Remember those moments Sue?

I greatly believe that her methods of teaching, the mock tests and the expectancies, prepared me for the big day!! I was delighted to pass the first time!

For anyone thinking of embarking on their Practical Test, do get in touch with Sue. I highly recommend her, as she is what we seek out for in a driving instructor: Very professional, supportive, friendly, flexible and patient!!

I must also add that you were a brilliant listener, I shall miss our jovial moments and your gorgeous laughter!

Thank you once again. All the best for the future and see you on the school run!!"


Congratulations Laura, passed 1st time with just 3 minors!!

16th Dec 2013

"Susan is a lovely driving instructor. Myself and previous pupils have always had loads of laughs with her on the road.

I started driving with Susan from scratch and she really made me feel at ease on the road. I never felt any pressure in making my mistakes or asking my silly questions during my lessons because Susan always encouraged me and she would never say "no that's wrong".

Susan would simply show me the correct way and explain how important my mistakes are so i can overcome them and be a good driver she knew i could be. From having my driving test i can see how all our previous lessons running up to my test had prepared me so well for the big day.

Thanks again Susan, i shall strongly recommend you to everyone"

Congratulations Everton, passed on his 1st attempt!!

29th Oct 2013

"A Big thanks to Sue, she is a great driving instructor! She really made me feel comfortable and helped me to pass my driving test the first time.

I would recommend her to anyone who is learning to drive, she is the BEST. Thank you so mush Sue ..EVERTON..

Congratulations Peter, passed on his 2nd attempt!

10th Sept 2013

Congratulations Kelly, passed 1st time with me!!

9th Sept 2013

"Sue is a kind, funny, and always motivating instructor. Her lessons were not only highly educational but enjoyable as well.

Due to her high number of students she has a brilliant understanding and patience that helped create me into a better driver. She has excellent attention to detail and strives for perfection, which is achieved by practicing manoeuvres till they are accurate every time.

Her use of mock tests prepared me for my test completely, which helped me to gain confidence and make the real test less daunting. I recommend Sue highly to any aspiring drivers, and would just like to thank her again for helping and believing in me to pass. Good luck in the future."

Congratulations Baafour, passed 1st time!!

30th August 2013

Susan is a fantastic instructor and she has helped me gain so much confidence as a driver.

She prepared me excellently for my driving test and the lessons were very enjoyable. It was an absolute pleasure learning from her.

Furthermore Susan is very patient, understanding and friendly and will manage to make all her pupils strive to driving at a high standard.

I would recommend Susan to anyone because when you are her pupil you are guaranteed 100% to succeed and excel.

Congratulations Yusif, passed 1st time!!

29th August 2013

Sue is an exceptional teacher. Her lessons are always structured and unique to your needs.

Character wise she's a cheerful, chatty lady and very easy to feel comfortable around.

Due to the number of students who have passed, she has a unique incite on what is expected in order for you to be successful; and ensures all students (including myself with much difficulty) cover these issues fluently/correctly.

She's extremely vigilant for small errors and patient to ensure that any of these are not performed as you progress your skills.

I would definitely recommend her for beginners or even students who have been taught by other teachers (rating: 10/10)

Congratulations Oscar, passed 1st time!!

7th August 2013

Congratulations Grace, passed 1st time!!

30th July 2013

"What can I say about Sue?

She is a fantastic teacher and nothing fazes her. Thanks to her calm persona, patience and understanding, she has helped me become the confident driver she always believed I could be, helping me to achieve 4 minors and a first time pass on my practical. Even when I felt like giving up after failing my theory, she never gave up on me. If anyone wanted to learn to drive, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Susan. She's the best!"

Congratulations Kanayi, passed 1st time!!

16th July 2013

"Thank you Sue so much for helping me pass my Driving test after 1st attempt having done 6 lessons and only got 6 minors on 16th July 2013.

Sue you are an outstanding teacher, you teach detail by detail, everything you taught me is what I went through on my test, I enjoyed how you taught me about POM, parallel parking and tell me ?.

I am glad you are a friend and I would recommend you to anybody."

Congratulations Adam, passed 1st time with just one minor and 13 lessons!!

25th June 2013

Thank you Sue for helping me pass first time. I found Sue to be very calming as i was an extremely nervous student. She is an outstanding teacher and i'm so glad that i picked her to be my instructor. She is very professional and accommodating as i work shifts and sometimes nights, she always managed to fit me in. I truly believe that i would not have passed as quickly as i did if it wasn't for her. I would highly recommend Sue to anyone who was wanting to take lessons and to pass their test. I wish her all the best. Thanks again"

Congratulations Samir, passed 1st time!!

7th June 2013

"I have nothing but praise for Sue, she has been patient, tolerant, forgiving, inspirational and a joy... And that was just the 1st lesson! It gets better and better after that! Sue has this natural ability to get the best out of you ensuring you leave the lesson satisfied if not inspired!

We have had some hilarious times together and as much as I try to stir her to the dark side with my (sometimes crude) sense of humour she always remains professional and focused with an intent to get you to achieve more!!

I will never forget her unique teaching of parallel parking and will use that for the rest if my life!

Sue, I can't thank you enough! You care for your students and that's what ensures we pass 1st time round! I've already ensured my brother is booked when he turns 17!!

Next stop... Pass Plus with Sue!"

Congratulations Jane, passed 30th May 2013!!

" I would like to say a Big Massive Thank You to Sue, for being so patient and supportive with me over the past two years.

She is a fantastic driving instructor and will explain things in an easy to understand way.

I remember when i first started my driving lessons i was so nervous about driving and Sue made me feel at ease from my very first lesson.

Not only have i learnt to drive i have also gained a friend in the process"

Jane Chester

Congratulations Minmin, passed on her 3rd attempt!!

17th April 2013

"When I met Sue for my first lesson, I knew instantly that she is a great instructor – patient and amazingly helpful. I was very lucky that I was able to have her as my instructor, she made all the lessons easier and more enjoyable. I am very impressed by her knowledge, professionalism and lovely personality.

She has been very supportive throughout all the lessons and always believed in me whenever I lose my confident. A few weeks into my lessons, I felt a lot more confident driving on those busy roads. Sue knew very well about my progress, strengths and weakness. She was so supportive when I took my test and was always there for me, like a friend and family.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sue for all the help and support!"


Congratulations Jon, passed on his 1st attempt!! 12th April 2013

"I hadn't had a driving lesson for eighteen years so was a bit nervous about getting back behind the wheel.

The best piece of advice I was given was "it's all about finding the right instructor" and so I didn't want to leave it to chance by choosing one of the bigger driving schools.

I found Sue's website, read the testimonials and decided to get in contact, and I found that all the good stuff written here is true! From the first lesson Sue instinctively set the pace of learning at just the right level, and with her support and encouragement I found myself not only improving rapidly but actually enjoying driving! By the time I came to take the test I felt well prepared and ready, and it was such a great feeling to pass.

Sue was with me every step of the way, so if you are looking to start or continue learning with someone who really cares, give Sue a call!"

Congratulations Lauren, passed 1st time!!

22nd March 2013

"It was just by chance that my beagle eyed mother spotted this young unassuming lady in a blue car marked driving school and approached her with the view of Susan teaching me to drive.

My mother tells me that after a brief chat with Susan, who by the way was picking up a student, kindly gave my mother her details and the rest is history .

I met Susan for my first lesson and I knew instantly that she would be the perfect instructor . I have loved taking driving lessons with Susan which allowed me to grow a bond with her as she believed in me and gave me the courage and supported me whenever I felt a little challenged. I am so glad that I was able to meet Susan, not only as an instructor but now has a friend. I value the experience which will remain with me forever.

I would like to take the opportunity for thanking Susan for her professionalism, patience and believing in my abilities. Because of my positive experience I have recommended Susan to family and friends who too are enjoying their lessons with Susan. Finally I am proud of my achievement and owe this to Susan's hard work and dedication. Thank you so much Susan.

Congratulations Lynne, passed on her 2nd attempt!!

11th March 2013

"Susan was a great instructor. She got me through my driving instruction and eventually to test, over an 18 month period when I had a major ankle operation, a relationship break up and a house move! She kept me smiling and kept me driving. Her patient and understanding temperament meant she really helped me to focus and was absolutely crucial in helping me break down the technical elements of driving that I found confusing, in a way that made it easy. Having experience of driving from ten years earlier (Most of which I had completely forgotten), Susan knew the right approach for me and was always consultative on what I felt I needed to improve. She built my confidence so I was 100% ready to pass and get my much coveted license, despite my initial fail. I can honestly say that Susan was crucial in helping me pass my test. I’ve recommended her to friends and I can’t wait to get back in the car with Susan on a motorway lesson. I am 100% confident she will help me on the next stage of my driving journey and i can assure you if your reading this, she’s a brilliant instructor and you would be in excellent hands if you decide to have lessons with Susan.

Lynne xx

Congratulations Asif, passed 11th February 2013!!

"I would like to say many thanks to Susan for her great ways of instructing and making me pass my driving test. She is a very competent, patient, and encouraging instructor, with a brilliant sense of humour which really made me feel at ease while learning. I was convinced i would pass my test as soon as i started taking lessons.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to drive!"

Congratulations Adnaan, passed on his 2nd attempt with me!!

29th Jan 2013

After not taking lessons for quite some time and feeling weary of learning again, Sue’s relaxed yet experienced manner was perfect for me. My nerves were calmed and my learning experience was great fun, I felt confident going into my test and Susan ensured I was definitely more than capable in all aspects of my test.

Although I had some experience already, Sue was able to help me build on my existing knowledge by an enormous amount and quickly identify where I was going wrong, at each step able to tackle the issues in a way to make sure that I am aware of my mistakes and gave me the skills to resolve them. The fact that I had picked up bad habits before my lessons with Sue wasn’t a problem, Susan’s patience and teaching style taught me so much and was always more than helpful when I had a problem. Sue's experience made learning so easy, and more importantly within my test Sue's handy driving tips were easy to remember in my manoeuvre!

In short Sue is an exceptionally great instructor and I loved every lesson! Would definitely recommend to family and friends!

Congratulations George, passed on her 1st attempt!!

24thJan 2013

Its all in the name Suceed with Susan'. You'll definately pass your driving test if you choose to carry out your driving lessons with Susan. She is the most amazing, kind and thorough driving instructor! Not once did i ever feel nervous when i was in the car with her, whenever i became frustrated with a manouvere she would tell me that I could do anything i put my mind to. In all honesty i would avoid all the big well known companies and use an independent driving instructor like Susan because she familarises herself in your strengths and weaknesses and then works with you on anything that needs improving. I strongly recommend Susan's motoring school ; learn with Susan and you won't be a learner for long! Thank you so much Susan, you're simply the best, I'm so glad I chose to use you, i couldn't have passed without you! Love George x

Congratulations Nadine, passed 26th Nov 2012

"If you are looking for success, learning with Sue speaks volumes for her motto.

With her patience and motivation, learning with her was fun and

recommendation of her lessons are second to none.

5 stars all the way! Thanks

Congratulations Dhineshiya, passed on her 1st attempt!!

19th Nov 2012

"Sue is the best instructor and i consider myself to be lucky to get her when i was in the state of giving up driving. From day one she has been wonderful in understanding the way i feel about driving and has been so patient with me and helped me improve my skills. I was very nervous when i drive on the major roads but Sue has been very supportive in boosting my confidence level. She understood my learn needs and planned lessons accordingly and always gave me feedback which was very helpful for me to overcome my mistakes which i did during my lessons.

Sue is so passionate about teaching and passing on her skills to others she is been such a inspriation for me and i have learned to enjoy my lesson and driving. I have passed my driving test at first attempt and i am ever so happy, thank you so much Sue, could not have done it without you!!!!

I would recommend Sue to anyone"

Congratulations Lloyd, passed on his 2nd attempt!!

29th October 2012

"If your looking for a comfortable environment in which to learn how to drive, without feeling pressured or nervous then Sue is DEFINATELY the teacher to have.

Since my first meeting shes made our lessons fun and easy going. Shes able to explain things in a way which makes them very simple to understand and easy to grasp. I was looking forward to my lessons every week.

In short, i couldn't of had a better instructor.

Thanks again Sue" Lloyd

Congratulations Chakir, passed on his 1st attempt!!

16th October 2012

"When interested in obtaining your driving license in a short period of time, many of us decide to knock on the doors of the bigger driving schools about.

After receiving mixed feedback about these schools, I decided to look for an independent driving instructor. That's when I found Susan and our journey to success began.

Our first lesson was rather interesting, as we got to know each other and set targets for the future. With time, everything else came as predicted. Susan is a really good teacher and funny too. This only made lessons easier as it felt like we did it together.

I really suggest taking lessons with Susan as she is simply the best around."


Congratulations Lester, passed on his 1st attempt!!

2nd October 2012

" Sue has been a constant guide from day one.

She makes you feel at ease during tough times and makes sure that all angles are covered before you take your test.

I would definately recommend her to all first time drivers. Her patience and perserverance are a tough act to follow.

I passed my test the first time and it's all thanks to Sue! Lester

Congratulations Wayne, passed on his 1st attempt!!

18th September 2012

"Over the course of my lessons with her, Sue has given me everything and more that you would expect from a driving instructor. She has been extremely patient with me and was excellent at monitoring my progress whilst tailoring my lessons to suit me personally. There were times when I would get frustrated with some mistakes I would be making but Sue was exceptional at helping me understand and overcome these problems.

Overall from her you can expect a friendly person who comes across clearly and in great detail whilst making your lessons enjoyable.

Without Sues guidance I would not have passed my test in the manner I did (let alone first time!) and for this I am extremely grateful.

Thanks so much Sue! 100% recommended, 5 Stars."


Congratulations Alice, passed on her 1st attempt!!

14th September 2012

Congratulations Michael, passed on his 2nd attempt!!

13th September 2012

"Susan has been an amazing instructor helping me pass on my second attempt!!! She was extremely patient with me as when i started i wasn't that good. Furthermore Susan gave me the confidence to drive freely without feeling at all under pressure. Also she was very flexible scheduling lessons around my work. I would highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to gain confidence with their driving. 10 out 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!!!!!! " Michael

Congratulations Jimmy, passed 7th September 2012 !!

'Sue is everything you would want in a driving instructor. Great teacher, very patient, friendly and lovely company. Anyone looking to

learn to drive will be in good hands!

Congratulations Ellie, passed on her 1st attempt!!

31st August 2012

"I have been learning to drive with Sue since the beginning of February. I had one lesson prior to beginning with her and in total had 34 hours with her.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons and would recommend her to friends. She is a warming person who you can have a joke with, but serious when things need to be learnt.

Thanks Sue, I haven't forgotten POM before moving off each time.. and I did South Norwood Hill rolling first gear on way home from school!! xx"

Congratulations Tanya, passed on her 1st attempt!!

31st August 2012

"Sue is a great driving instructor. Patient, friendly and reassuring. She was flexible so even while i was working she made the time to see me and was always punctual! By the time i took my test she had given me the confidence to pass." Tanya

Congratulations Romo, passed on his 1st attempt!!

20th July 2012

"Firstly I will just like to thank Sue for helping me pass on my first time round !

She has been a great instructor, helping me learn how to drive well over the duration of the time I've been with her.

She has been very patient with me as I have seen doing this job is not easy. She has done a fantastic job with me and I would fully recommend anyone wanting to do their practical driving with her.

She is very encouraging and has a very good sense of humour which makes you calm when driving and comfortable behind the wheel.

Again I would just like to say thank you for helping me and anyone looking to do their practical lessons she is the woman to do it with !"


Congratulations Oliver, passed on his first attempt with just 30 hours of tuition!! 18th July 2012

Sue has been an amazing instructor helping me pass first time! Keeping calm at all times and having a laugh, I enjoyed every minute of it while getting the most out of my lessons. Sue corrected any mistakes I made, questioned me as to why I made that mistake to therefore fix it, answered any queries that I may have had and made it very easy for me to talk to her. I'm extremely glad I chose Sue as my instructor and will definitely recommend her to anyone!

Congratulations Dan, passed 25th June 2012!! 2nd attempt

"Susan has been an excellent driving instructor and i couldn't have asked for more support. She is calm, caring, understanding and always makes me feel at ease and not under pressure when driving.

She expresses a great deal of compassion towards her pupils, compared to some instructors who are financially motivated and orientated.

I passed my test on the second attempt, Susan consistantly remained supportive and encouraged me to give it another go which is why i am a successful driver today.

She has not only been an instructor, she is also a friend and i will be keeping in contact with her.

I would highly recommend her services; she is flexible, affordable and convenient."

Congratulations to Thanu, passed 1st time, 6th June 2012!!

"I would like to say thank you to Sue for all the encouragement and confidence she gave me to pass the test on my first attempt. She is very patient , friendly and helpful in her teaching.

I would recommend anyone wanting to go for their practical test confidently, then please choose Susan's School of Motoring"

Congratulations Ade, passed 1st time, 29th May 2012!!

I met Susan via a fellow colleague who gave her so much accolade. She told me specifically that she was a good instructor who in the last year had a good pass rate of more than 80 percent. To me that was pretty impressive but I had my doubts like everyone would.

I rang her up almost immediately and we talked extensively and arranged our first meeting. True to the words spoken about Her she was indeed a pleasant woman. A woman you can feel comfortable with and above all I saw in her a great instructor.

The first meeting was basically a test, to ascertain how comfortable I felt with her considering the fact that I was not tied down to anything yet. I must say she passed gloriously. That started a wonderful, eventful and successful journey.

She instructed that I book my test first and foremost and that gave us a goal, and direction. I must say that paid off. She had a way of asking some motherly questions when she noticed some things were wrong and she did not expect that from you. Such as" Ade why did you do that" she laughed really hard when i told her my observation. That was how close we were. She never came late for any lessons and would always send you a text to remind you. She gave me that ease and confidence I needed to tackle the test full on.

I would say that I can and will recommend Susan to anyone. I have blown her trumpet to anyone that cares to listen. Just like her company says "Succeed with Susan" I guarantee you that if you are serious, willing and completely attentive, you will definitely smile at the end of your test just as I did.

Yours truly

Ade Yussuff

Shefkate passed 18th May 2012

"I would like to thank Sue Hanley who is a fantastic instructor. I found Sue to be a very competent, patient, an encouraging instructor, with a brilliant sense of humour which really made me calm when I needed to be. I didn't think I would ever pass my test and was convinced I would be having lessons for months to come, but thankfully I passed on Friday 18th May 2012 and still cannot believe it! I could have not done it without her, so thanks once again Sue!

I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive. You cannot get a better instructor than Sue in the area!”

Congratulations Kat Achilles, passed 1st time 15th May 2012!!

Congratulations Bismarck, passed 1st time!!

14th May 2012

" l would like to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to Susan for all the encouragement, patience and hard work she put in for my success. l nearly gave up when l started my lessons but she made everything look so simple and easy l enjoyed every lesson l had with her and in the end l passed successfully. l wish to encourage beginners who are finding it hard to pass to contact Susan for them to enjoy the good experience l had with this wonderful lady.

Thank you Sue. God bless you and your family.

Congratulations Tasha, passed 1st time!!

19th April 2012

"I had been driving with Susan Hanley for approximately 6 weeks, through recommendation.

On initially starting my driving lessons I was quite nervous, Susan had put me at ease making me feel very comfortable. I had found her to be patient and her instructions to be clear and concise. This in turn allowed me to build upon my confidence.

I have had other driving instructors in the past, but Susan is the one I felt most comfortable with, and I believe that this is not just down to her approachable personality, but also her level off professionalism, experience and knowledge.

I have already passed her details onto to some of my friends, and would definately continue to recommend her to new and experienced drivers.

Susan is a fantastic instructor, and I thank her greatly for providing me with the encouragement, skills and knowledge needed in order to pass my test".

"I could not wish for a better driving instructor and would recommend Susan to everyone! When I started having driving lessons with her as a beginner I had no confidence and was very nervous. But already after our first lessons, I began to enjoy learning. Susan gave me a lot of motivation and confidence. I was looking forward to every lesson because of Susan`s great personality, positive attitude and constant encouragement.

Susan is very patient and calm, and she is always ready and happy to explain the things which I didn`t understand or forgot. Susan keeps the notes for every pupil and could always remember what we did during our previous lesson, we could always discuss the progress of every lesson. She is a very professional, punctual, reliable and flexible instructor with brilliant teaching skills!

She made me believe that I could pass my test and be a good driver!

Thank you Susan!"

Tatiana Yates passed 28th Feb 2012

Congratulations Deepan, passed 3rd Feb 2012, 1st time!!

Congratulations Suthan, passed 1st time!!

30th Jan 2012

"Sue is a very good instructor who

really tries hard to make you succeed on your first attempt.

She has helped me so much with my learning, she is very calm and a very nice person. She will teach you everything you need before you are ready for test.

I would recommend anyone wanting to go for their practical test full of confidence, then to please choose

Susan's School of Motoring"

Congratulations Peter, passed 1st time!!

4th Jan 2012

" I would highly recommend Sue as a Driving Instructor to both new and even experienced drivers. She is patient and calm and teaches not only how to be a safe and progressive driver but is diligent in giving detailed pointers in every aspect of driving.

I passed on my first attempt!"

Congratulations Dennis, passed 1st time!!

22nd Dec 2011

"A word cannot express how grateful I was on that day when the driving examiner told me I have passed my test with just 8 lessons with Susan. Choosing Susan’s School of Motoring was the best ever decision I have ever made in life. I saw Susan one morning going to church and something pushed me to cross over the road to go and talk to her. I got Susan's contact and started doing some few lessons with her, and on that bright morning day on 22 December, Susan took me to my success in driving.

Susan is a very professional driving instructor with strong confidence in all her learners she helped me all the way through till I passed my test. I will strongly recommend Susan’s School of motoring to anyone who is looking to pass their practical driving test the first time. I am so glad I found you Susan to be my driving instructor to take me to my success.

Thank you so much Susan, Dennis."

"Sue is a brilliant instructor who is very easy going and funny, which helped me to relax everytime i got i the car, as i was a nervous wreck. She is very calm and patient, she had so much faith in my ability to drive it helped me gain so much confidence in myself. I have learnt so much from sue and i have enjoyed every lesson we have had. Would definitely recommend sue to anyone who wants to learn to drive, as i doubt you find a better instructor than her"

Jimmy Brown

Passed 6th Dec 2011 1st time!!

Congratulations Ruth, passed 1st time!!

1st Dec 2011

"As a nervous learner driver Susan makes me feel at ease and a confident driver. She is calm and fun in her lessons putting a smile on my face when i get anxious. She is understanding and accomodates you to the best of her ability.

Her experience and knowledge on the road surpasses any driving instructor i have had, and i've had a few. Susan is the best!"

"With patient but rigorous encouragement throughout our lessons and insightful progress summaries, Susan really helped to build my confidence behind the wheel and ensured that I developed better driving skills in preparation for passing my test.

She is a fantastic instructor and comes highly recommended."

Jasmin, passed November 2011

"I passed my driving test over 20 years ago but never had the confidence to continue driving. I have now found myself in a position where i have to drive. I contacted Succeed With Susan, Susan's School of Motoring to ask for her assistance in helping me to gain my confidence and be a good and safe driver.

Succeed with Susan is exactly what the adverts states. Susan has successfully helped me gain my confidence and i thoroughly enjoyed my lessons. Susan makes you feel at ease and articulates everything very clearly.

Susan is extremely patient and will go over aspects that you are not confident with until you have succeeded.

I know that Susan has helped me to be a confident driver because that's her priority".

Maria Clark 29th Nov 2011

"Choosing to learn to drive with Susan was the best decision I have ever made, after having my confidence knocked with another instructor, she has helped me rebuild my confidence on the road with her positive and reassuring attitude. With her help I am well on my way to passing my test and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive."

Jane Chester

Hi, my name is Susan Hanley and I am a Grade A fully qualified driving instructor.

Having over 37 years driving experience and successfully completed my training with BSM, I thoroughly enjoy driving and take pride in passing on my skills and knowledge to our future drivers.

Hyundai i20 SE, small and nippy! Susan's School of Motoring

I have a great deal of patience, love working with people and try to make the learning experience fun!

Teaching you how to drive safely is what I do best and I always encourage you to get involved in the lessons so you realise the benefits for yourself.

My aim is for you to leave each lesson having learnt something new, however small it may be! I'll assess you after each lesson and support you every step of the way so that you can pass quickly, safely and hopefully 1st time!

Every pupil is different and has different needs, you can slow down or speed up your learning, I am very understanding and flexible and will tailor your training to suit YOU.

Feel free to call me for a chat, if I can't get to the phone just leave a message and i'll get back to you as soon as I can as I may be out teaching.

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